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Dedicated - to Enriching Children's Lives

 About Us


Founded in 1980, Child Development Resources is a private, non-profit corporation.    We receive County, State, and Federal government contracts that fund us to administer the Child Care Resource & Referral Program, Subsidized Child Care Services, and Head Start and Early Head Start and State Preschool Programs in Ventura County.

Our Vision
“Every child's growth and development will be fully supported to ensure a happy and successful adult life.” 

Our Mission
CDR, Child Development Resources of Ventura County, Inc., provides a foundation to build promising futures for children.  CDR collaborates with families and communities to deliver programs that enrich lives.
Our Guiding Principles and Core Values are truly the foundation of our success 
Child Development Resources (CDR) enriches and strengthens the lives of children and their families in Ventura County through high quality children’s programs.  CDR actively seeks to develop, secure and promote a variety of programs and resources to serve the needs of children, families and the community of Ventura County.

The team at CDR, under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Jack Hinojosa, understands:

•  Who we are and what we stand for
•  How to make better choices everyday 
•  How to stay inspired and motivated
•  How to get more of the right things accomplished
As a team we follow core values to guide us in our daily endeavor to serve the community.
 child on swing
Our Challenge and Commitment 
CDR strives to ensure that every child receives the quality child care he or she deserves.  CDR believes that choosing quality child care is a shared responsibility and no one entity can claim success or bear failure in this arena. The assurance that quality child care flourishes in Ventura County community rests with parents, regulatory agencies, child care support agencies such as CDR, government and employers.   Parents play a foundational role in selecting quality child care for their children.   Parents also play a significant role in advocating for quality child care, not only for their children, but in the community as well.
For more than 30 years, CDR acknowledges that one organization, acting alone, is not able to undertake the immense challenges of ensuring that quality early child care and education is available to all families in our community.  It takes all of us working together so that every child receives the quality child care he or she deserves, and we encourage your involvement, participation, and advocacy for CDR's programs.
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