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 Child Care Programs


OverviewProgram 4
In addition to the CalWORKs programs, CDR administers the programs listed below. Each program pays for or subsidizes the child care costs for qualifying families. Each program has specific requirements, indicated in the California Education Code of Regulations and the program's Funding Terms and Conditions. It is CDR's policy to follow the California Education Code, California Code of Regulations, Title 5, and all State Funding Terms & Conditions as set forth in the agreement.

Alternative Payment Program
Funded by the State of California, Alternative Payment (AP) reimburses the child care costs for parents while they are engaged in a qualifying activity per California Education Code, California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 18086.
Family Child Care Education Network (FCCEN)
Family Child Care Education Network (FCCEN)/Infant/Toddler Program (ITP) is funded by the State of California. This program reimburses child care cost for parents of children zero to three years of age. Children remain eligible until their third (3rd) birthday. Provider selection by the parent is made from CDR's Family Child Care Education Network (FCCEN). FCCEN ensures that high quality family child care home  settings set even higher standards than those required by the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division. The FCCEN provides services for the Infant/Toddler Program (ITP), and Early Head Start (EHS) program.
Need and Eligibility Requirements
Need verification is a requirement for participation in any of these programs which means that the family is income-eligible and has a documented, independent verifiable need of child care services. Verification that there is no parent in the family capable of providing care for the family's child, during the time care is requested, and that supervision of the family's child is not otherwise being provided by school or another person during the time that child care services is being requested. If there is a verified need, staff will assist parents in determining their eligibility status and the approriate placement for their children in any of the following programs. The parent(s) shall document total countable income for all the individuals counted in the family size.
Parents' Guide in Subsidized Child Care Handbook
Uniform Complaint Procedures
Our program sites are conveniently located throughout Ventura County.  To apply for the CalWORKs program, you, can print out and complete the form below and bring it to the enrollment office.  
Enrollment Office
Child Development Resources
221 E. Ventura Boulevard
Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 485-7878
Enrollment Application
If you are interested in the Alternative Payment Program, come in to the office listed above or call the phone number and ask for a CDR Eligibility Waiting List (CEWL) application. Your name will be added to a list of other applicants.


Centralized Eligibility FormClick below for an application...




If you have additional question please contact us at (805) 485-7878 during normal business hours or use our convenient contact us form.




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