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Provider Profile Updates

To access and update your child care provider information for child care referrals, please Click Here.
CDR's On-line Training Academy
CDR is excited to bring child care professio nals on-line training. Training courses are designed to help early childhood professionals complete annual training requirements.  Courses provide a variety of engaging topics designed specifically for early childhood professionals.  Courses are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! If you have questions, please contact Belia Soto or Tanya McMahan at (805) 485-7878.
Click Here to view current course descriptions and registration.
Program 4The Child Care Resource & Referral Program is funded by the California Department of Education to provide FREE Child Care Referrals to all interested persons in Ventura County.
As a parent, you have the right and responsibility to make careful choices and to be a good consumer of child care. You have the right to visit several homes and make a decision based on your own priorities and feelings about the particular home and provider that you select. Download CDR's               Child Care Checklist before you get started to begin your search for quality child care.

Child Care Referrals 
If you are looking for child care, you've come to the right place.  

To access Child Care Referrals on-line Click Here or call our office at (805) 485-7878 Ext. 1512.  CDR's Resource & Referral Program is part of a multi-service organization that is a member of the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network. The Resource & Referral program has comprehensive Resource & Toy Lending Library loan program, provides technical assitanceeductional workshops and trainings throughout the year.​


Our referral services reach parents of all income levels.  Our staff works closely with parents to provide them with the contacts and information they need to find and evaluate appropriate child care. Our dedicated specialists can help you:s

• Understand the logistical, financial and philosophical aspects of child care 
• Assess, identify and clarify your child care needs 
• Get referrals to child care providers that best match your needs 
• Make informed decisions that benefit you and your family
How Do I get Assistance?
Get On Board with CDRChild Development Resources Eligibility Waiting List (CEWL) is administered by CDR Resource & Referral Program. Qualifying for the CDR Eligibility Waiting List is based on gross income (before taxes), family size, and need. In addition, families must work, live or attend school in Ventura County to qualify. In order to be considered income-eligible, families must meet State Income Requirements and have at least one of the following needs for child care:

• Working
• Looking for work
• Medically incapacitated
• Attending school or in training
• Receiving child protective services
• State Preschool part-day educational preschool
• Seeking permanent housing

How Child Development Resources Can Provide You with Child Care Referrals 
CDR's referral counselors are available Monday through Friday to provide you with personalized child care information and referrals.  We maintain a complete up-to-date listing of child care options in Ventura County.
Parents can call Resource & Referral Specialists or visit our office in person; parents can also submit an online referral request and a Specialist will contact the parent to complete the process.  All information is kept confidential. 

CDR's Resource & Referral Specialist will ask parents about specific child care needs and use our comprehensive database program to find child care programs that match the parent's request. CDR also has information about how parents may be able to get help paying for child care. 

To help parents make their decision, CDR's Resource & Referral Specialists provide details on licensing regulations and how to search for quality child care programs.   CDR provides referrals, not recommendations, because CDR feel that parents are the ones who can best choose child care that meets their family’s needs.   To request a listing of child care programs by phone, call (805) 485-7878, Ext. 1512 or Click Here to access Child Care Referrals on-line.
Referral call-in hours are: Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Anyone may visit CDR's Resource & Referral Specialists in person at 221 E. Ventura Boulevard Oxnard, CA 93036.   Please call (805) 485-7878 Ext #512 to make an appointment during CDR's normal business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or use our convenient on line child care form and one of our Resource & Referral Specialists will contact you.
Centralized Eligibility FormClick below for an application...


You may visit CDR's Resource and Referral Specialists in person at 221 E. Ventura Boulevard Oxnard, CA 93036.   Please call (805) 485-7878, Ext.#512 to make an appointment during normal business hours or use our convenient on line form and one of our Resource & Referral Specialist will contact you.  
Resource & Toy Lending Library
CDRs Resource and Toy Lending LibraryCDR’s Resource and Toy Lending Library provides a variety of educational classroom materials, professional resources, audio-visuals for chidren and activity materials that supports all developmental areas of learning for young children.
Items are checked out and returned by Child Care Providers.  In addition, the Resource & Toy Lending Library van visits communities throughout Ventura County to support and increase the quality of care throughout Ventura County.

The Ventura County Resource & Toy Lending Library is provided free of charge at Child Development Resources. Educational materials and resources are available to licensed child care providers, child care center staff, Early Childhood Education instructors and students.
The Library is located at 221 E. Ventura Boulevard, in Oxnard, California, Building 211.
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (by appointment only)
Contact CDR for more information at: (805) 485-7878, Ext.# 512


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