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Dedicated - to Enriching Children's Lives

 Programs Overview



Programs OverviewOverview
CDR is a private nonprofit corporation 501(c)(3) providing early care and education and family support services to families living in Ventura County.
Early Head Start Program
The Early Head Start program promotes healthy family functioning, and strengthens the development of infants and toddlers beginning as young as newborn infants.  Learn more about our program, learn about eligibility requirements or download an application.
Head Start Program
Head Start is a comprehensive pre-school program that provides education, medical and dental screenings, mental health services, nutrition, social services, full inclusion of young children with disabilities, and parent involvement services to low-income children age 3 to 5 and their families. Head Start also provides full/day year-round preschool services in centers for parents who are working, seeking employment, or in school/training.

The Head Start program provides services to eligible families with the goal of ensuring the children enrolled are ready to start school.  Education includes pre-school education to nationally set standards that have become the model for preschools in the United States.  CDR's social services provide our families with advocates to work with parents and assist them in accessing community resources. 

Learn more about our program, learn about eligibility requirements or download an application.
Child Care Alternative Payment Program
CDR manages an Alternative Payment Program, which is a parental choice child care voucher program for eligible families with children age 0 thru 12 living in Ventura County.  Family eligibility is based on income and need.  Families are entitled to choose either traditional or non-traditional services (including evening and weekend care) in their choice of childcare environment, including center-based care, family day care homes and license exempt care.

CDR's Alternative Payment Program utilizes state and federal funds to provide parents with financial assistance for child care services. Eligibility for the Alternative Payment Program is determined by the guidelines set by the California Department of Education. Parents must meet income requirements and have a need for child care while they work, look for employment, attend training or participate in CalWORKs activities. Parents who are incapacitated, who have children at risk of abuse or neglect, or have children with special needs may also be eligible.
CDR's Child Care Eligibility Specialists assist families in identifying child care and other community resources that meet the specific needs of the child and family. Our staff and resources encompass a wide variety of cultural perspectives and language requirements of the families we serve.  Parents have the freedom to choose any public or private licensed, registered or exempt child care program in Ventura County.  Additional information about our Alternative Payment Program can be found by clicking here.
CalWORKs Program
CDR administers three California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) Subsidized Child Care Programs in Ventura County. The CalWORKs program provides temporary financial assistance and employment focused services to families with minor children who have income and property below State maximum limits for their family size.   Learn more about our program, learn about eligibility requirements or download an application.
Child Care Resource & Referral Program
CDR's R&R team provides free child care referral services to any person looking for child care in Ventura County. Each person looking for child care receives consumer education materials to assist in identifying quality factors in choosing child care that meets their family/child needs. The Resource & Referral program is mandated by the California State Department of Education (CDE) to maintain a comprehensive database of licensed family child care providers, child care centers, and before and after school-aged program in Ventura County. To help improve the quality of child care, the R&R program provides workshops, training and individualized technical assistance to child care providers and to those interested in becoming a child care operator. The R&R Team collaborates with agencies and educates local community leaders to better understand child care issues and to effectively plan to address child care needs in Ventura County.
The Resource & Referral Program maintains a CDR Eligibility Waiting List (CEWL) for families needing assistance paying for child care. All State funded agencies are required to enroll families from the CEWL to fill their state subsidized child care slots.
Learn more about this program and how to apply for the CDR Eligibility Waiting List (CEWL) or to download a CEWL application.
Provider Training
CDR staff coordinates with Early Childhood Educators to develop and provide opportunities for children to participate in developmentally appropriate early learning activities that support their cognitive, socio-emotional and physical growth while their parent/caregiver is participating in workshop sessions.   Workshop Facilitators engage the Early Educators by assisting in planning opportunities for parents and caregivers to interact with the children during the workshop series, model appropriate interactions, provide positive reinforcement to participants and build on “touch points” to promote the integration of information presented during the workshops.
Some subject areas covered in the workshops are:
  • Ages and stage of early child development
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Behavior Challenges
  • Kindergarten Transition
  • Identifying areas of concern or special needs,
  • Developing healthy family relationships
  • Literacy
Please see the calendar for upcoming workshops/conferences, contact us online to learn more. 


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